Decorative wall panels have been used for a long time for the decoration of residential and public interiors. New designer panels of unusual shapes, made of different types of materials, appear on the market. Such panels can become a real highlight of a modern interior.

Decorative panels are used to decorate not only walls, but also the ceiling. With the help of panels, you can select an accent wall, arrange columns, showcases or, for example, an administrator’s desk in highpoint at st georges.

Designer panels are often found in stylish offices, cafes, restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, and other places where you need to surprise guests with an original and sophisticated interior.

Types of wall panels
There is a wide variety of wall panels made of different materials. For example, it can be panels made of natural wood, finished with veneer, laminated or painted surfaces, as well as embossed panels made of gypsum, plastic or concrete.

There are panels of unusual geometric shapes with built-in mirror elements, as well as decorative LED lighting.

Do not forget about the soft panels, they invariably add high cost to the interior, and also perfectly soundproof the room.

3D panels for walls
Embossed wall panels are most often made of plaster. They have gained quite a lot of popularity in the decorative finishing materials market. The main advantage of such panels is the variety of shapes and reliefs, which allows designers to create original interiors.

Gypsum panels are wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, and also environmentally friendly. This allows them to be used in any type of premises, such like providence ridge issaquah.


Installation and assembly of wall panels
Modern wall panels are quite easy to install. Depending on the type of panels, there are several options for their fastening.

Most often, the panels are connected to each other using special spikes and grooves. The panels are attached to the wall on the crate, which allows you to easily hide engineering or electrical communications. Sometimes a plastic or aluminum profile is used for decoration between the joints.

There is also an adhesive mount. In this case, preliminary preparation of the wall is necessary – leveling, filling.

Decorative wall panels make it possible to implement the most daring design solutions, as well as make your room truly exclusive. Our professional designers will be happy to develop a project of such an interior for you.

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