Concealed doors without casing
Concealed interior doors are a stylish alternative to standard doors with frame. Doors without trims or invisible doors are increasingly found in modern residential as well as public interiors, riverfront at west hyattsville as example.

With doors without platbands, you can significantly visually increase the space. Such doors, as a rule, repeat the color and texture of the wall and are practically invisible against the background of furniture and other interior items.

Concealed doors. Materials
The material of the door leaf without platbands, as in standard doors, can be made of solid wood, as well as MDF and chipboard.

When finishing, the canvas can be covered with veneer, decorative film, wallpaper, and also prepared for painting with enamel in the color of the walls.

Installing the invisible door
The base of the invisible door is a hidden aluminum frame. The frame has perfect geometry, is strong, durable, and can also be painted in any RAL color. The aluminum profile is completely hidden in the doorway by hidden hinges. This makes it possible to install the doors flush with the wall, like 707 concourse village west has.


Standard frame thickness for interior doors is 500 mm. Installed on the side where the doors should be level with the wall. The rest of the wall thickness is sloped.

Doors with a hidden frame. Fittings
The fittings for such modern doors should be appropriate. The hinges are hidden inside the frame, so they are not visible from the outside or from the inside. The tongue is flat magnetic. In the open state, the blade end is flat. As soon as the door is closed, the tab is released. Door handles and rosettes are identical to those used in standard doors, so the choice depends only on your taste.

Types of hidden doors
Concealed doors can have both standard widths from 600 mm to 90 mm, and non-standard ones from 1000 mm to 1100 mm, as well as heights from 2000 mm to 2700 mm.

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