How to choose curtains: designer tips

How to choose curtains: designer tips
How to choose curtains that fit your interior. Today we will discuss this in this article.

Curtains not only make the room feel cozy, but also perform many other functions, such as protection from sunlight, dust, and circulation of cold (hot) air, good example we can find in 173 morningside avenue. The choice of curtains, as well as the choice of other interior items, should be approached responsibly.

What should be considered when choosing curtains?
How to choose curtains for a small room? For a small room, light, not dense fabrics of light shades are suitable. Do not forget that a sufficient amount of light visually enlarges the space. Therefore, you should avoid dark colors, as well as heavy curtains with drapery.

How to choose curtains: designer tips
Recently, curtains of neutral tones have been popular – beige, cream, sand. These shades are suitable for almost any interior, they look unobtrusive and neat. It is worth considering that if the color of the walls is also made in pastel colors, then the shade of the curtains should be several tones lighter or darker.

How to choose curtains: designer tips
If you want to make a bright accent, you can choose curtains in the color of furniture or decor items.

In terms of materials, the most practical are curtains made of polyester, a cotton / polyester blend, and linen.

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If you want the curtains not to touch the floor, you should choose the height so that the distance from the floor covering to the edge of the fabric is about 5-7 cm.

Pay attention to the French curtains, they are perfect for the kitchen, children’s room or study.

How to choose curtains: designer tips
Curtains with bright, interesting prints are also often used in the children’s room. It is better to knock out thick fabric that is more resistant to frequent washings.

How to choose curtains: designer tips
How to choose curtains for high ceilings? In rooms with high ceilings, lambrequins or brushes are used to visually reduce the height. But designers still do not recommend doing this, so as not to hide the useful space.

In our studio you can order a design project for the entire apartment or house, as well as individual rooms – kitchen, nursery, living room.

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