Concealed doors without casing
Concealed interior doors are a stylish alternative to standard doors with frame. Doors without trims or invisible doors are increasingly found in modern residential as well as public interiors, riverfront at west hyattsville as example.

With doors without platbands, you can significantly visually increase the space. Such doors, as a rule, repeat the color and texture of the wall and are practically invisible against the background of furniture and other interior items.

Concealed doors. Materials
The material of the door leaf without platbands, as in standard doors, can be made of solid wood, as well as MDF and chipboard.

When finishing, the canvas can be covered with veneer, decorative film, wallpaper, and also prepared for painting with enamel in the color of the walls.

Installing the invisible door
The base of the invisible door is a hidden aluminum frame. The frame has perfect geometry, is strong, durable, and can also be painted in any RAL color. The aluminum profile is completely hidden in the doorway by hidden hinges. This makes it possible to install the doors flush with the wall, like 707 concourse village west has.


Standard frame thickness for interior doors is 500 mm. Installed on the side where the doors should be level with the wall. The rest of the wall thickness is sloped.

Doors with a hidden frame. Fittings
The fittings for such modern doors should be appropriate. The hinges are hidden inside the frame, so they are not visible from the outside or from the inside. The tongue is flat magnetic. In the open state, the blade end is flat. As soon as the door is closed, the tab is released. Door handles and rosettes are identical to those used in standard doors, so the choice depends only on your taste.

Types of hidden doors
Concealed doors can have both standard widths from 600 mm to 90 mm, and non-standard ones from 1000 mm to 1100 mm, as well as heights from 2000 mm to 2700 mm.

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Decorative wall panels have been used for a long time for the decoration of residential and public interiors. New designer panels of unusual shapes, made of different types of materials, appear on the market. Such panels can become a real highlight of a modern interior.

Decorative panels are used to decorate not only walls, but also the ceiling. With the help of panels, you can select an accent wall, arrange columns, showcases or, for example, an administrator’s desk in highpoint at st georges.

Designer panels are often found in stylish offices, cafes, restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, and other places where you need to surprise guests with an original and sophisticated interior.

Types of wall panels
There is a wide variety of wall panels made of different materials. For example, it can be panels made of natural wood, finished with veneer, laminated or painted surfaces, as well as embossed panels made of gypsum, plastic or concrete.

There are panels of unusual geometric shapes with built-in mirror elements, as well as decorative LED lighting.

Do not forget about the soft panels, they invariably add high cost to the interior, and also perfectly soundproof the room.

3D panels for walls
Embossed wall panels are most often made of plaster. They have gained quite a lot of popularity in the decorative finishing materials market. The main advantage of such panels is the variety of shapes and reliefs, which allows designers to create original interiors.

Gypsum panels are wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, and also environmentally friendly. This allows them to be used in any type of premises, such like providence ridge issaquah.


Installation and assembly of wall panels
Modern wall panels are quite easy to install. Depending on the type of panels, there are several options for their fastening.

Most often, the panels are connected to each other using special spikes and grooves. The panels are attached to the wall on the crate, which allows you to easily hide engineering or electrical communications. Sometimes a plastic or aluminum profile is used for decoration between the joints.

There is also an adhesive mount. In this case, preliminary preparation of the wall is necessary – leveling, filling.

Decorative wall panels make it possible to implement the most daring design solutions, as well as make your room truly exclusive. Our professional designers will be happy to develop a project of such an interior for you.

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How to choose curtains: designer tips

How to choose curtains: designer tips
How to choose curtains that fit your interior. Today we will discuss this in this article.

Curtains not only make the room feel cozy, but also perform many other functions, such as protection from sunlight, dust, and circulation of cold (hot) air, good example we can find in 173 morningside avenue. The choice of curtains, as well as the choice of other interior items, should be approached responsibly.

What should be considered when choosing curtains?
How to choose curtains for a small room? For a small room, light, not dense fabrics of light shades are suitable. Do not forget that a sufficient amount of light visually enlarges the space. Therefore, you should avoid dark colors, as well as heavy curtains with drapery.

How to choose curtains: designer tips
Recently, curtains of neutral tones have been popular – beige, cream, sand. These shades are suitable for almost any interior, they look unobtrusive and neat. It is worth considering that if the color of the walls is also made in pastel colors, then the shade of the curtains should be several tones lighter or darker.

How to choose curtains: designer tips
If you want to make a bright accent, you can choose curtains in the color of furniture or decor items.

In terms of materials, the most practical are curtains made of polyester, a cotton / polyester blend, and linen.

dizayn-shtor-kiev_03 Как выбрать шторы: советы дизайнера

If you want the curtains not to touch the floor, you should choose the height so that the distance from the floor covering to the edge of the fabric is about 5-7 cm.

Pay attention to the French curtains, they are perfect for the kitchen, children’s room or study.

How to choose curtains: designer tips
Curtains with bright, interesting prints are also often used in the children’s room. It is better to knock out thick fabric that is more resistant to frequent washings.

How to choose curtains: designer tips
How to choose curtains for high ceilings? In rooms with high ceilings, lambrequins or brushes are used to visually reduce the height. But designers still do not recommend doing this, so as not to hide the useful space.

In our studio you can order a design project for the entire apartment or house, as well as individual rooms – kitchen, nursery, living room.

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Scandinavian style in interior design: decor elements, furniture

The nobility of texture, light colors, clear lines and originality – all this is the Scandinavian style. Light geometry of accessories is characteristic of it. Therefore, interior design in Scandinavian style preserves the purity of space and functionality. The furniture is selected from hardwood, compact in size.

Scandinavian style in interior design: decor elements, furniture
Scandinavian Style: History
The Scandinavian style was formed in the Nordic countries in the late 19th – early 20th centuries, like in four ponds at lincroft. Each decor element is filled with the brightness of light in the room of the northern houses. All shades of white are the basis.

Back in the 18th century, Scandinavians built houses, copying fashionable French, Italian classic furniture. They added a little national northern flavor. A little later, the Empire style became popular. There were no palace elements in it, it looked at home.

The furniture typical of that time and beautiful carved legs are still classics today. However, modernity sets new laws, so interior solutions have changed significantly.

Features of the Scandinavian style
Natural simplicity is fundamental to the Scandinavian trend, just look at heron preserve. Combines a restrained palette, natural accents. The typical apartment design in this direction is characterized by light colors and wood finishes. It is allowed to use discreet wallpaper for coloring.

Decor elements, decoration and furniture
The bathroom is decorated with warmth and a light sense of humor. Small details are added to the style of the room. This can be a shower curtain decorated with small bright elements. Various toothbrush holders are appropriate. For the floor, preference is given to ceramic tiles with distinctive patterns.

skandinavskiy-dizayn-kiev-01 Скандинавский стиль в оформлении интерьера: элементы декора, мебель

Scandinavian style in interior design: decor elements, furniture
Textiles with pictures are used. For the dining area, massive chairs with pot-bellied legs are suitable. Kitchens in green, black and white contrasting patterns will do. The windows are decorated with retro stylized bluish curtains with small images of birds or flowers. A geometric chandelier will add warmth to the space. If you plan to zoning the room, use partitions made of wood and brick.

Wicker furniture is often used in Scandinavian interiors. Pillows for chairs in light shades look original, there are baskets made of vines. Built-in wicker drawers harmonize with a compact pine wardrobe. In the bedroom you can put a blue and white chest of drawers. Light pastel colors are encouraged throughout.

Scandinavian style in interior design: decor elements, furniture
The interior is based on the play of light and shadow. Window frames that will blend in with the walls are preferred. In the case of white surfaces, the windows should be the same color. If wood in the form of beams is used in the decoration, the frames are made of wood of the same shade.

One chandelier is not enough. A room can have three lighting groups:

Scandinavian style in interior design: decor elements, furniture
Various techniques are used with wood and glass surfaces, closed and open shelves. Sofas are made in laconic forms, curved backs of chairs, beds with a simple frame.

It seems to some that the Scandinavian style is easy to repeat yourself. But no one is immune from an unsuccessful choice of a light shade. A balance must be struck between light colors, original furniture and bright decor. If there are doubts about the repair, it is better to contact the specialists and order a design project. We will help you create a truly original style in your apartment or house.